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The Future of Supply is End to End Traceability
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Offtake is a marketplace platform powered by a suite of software tools for buying, selling and managing a distributed supply chain.  Our system is centered around data traceability which can be either traditional or blockchain secured data that is directed at achieving full end-to-end supply chain transparency. We provide data transparency while keeping information like trade secrets secured, yet verified. Verifiable data can:

  • Differentiate & increase the value of products being sold.
  • De-risk & Secure trust in the buying / selling relationship.
  • Integrate into advanced supply contract agreements.
  • Provide downstream traceability to manufactured products.

Offtake increases profitability, ease of doing business & transparency while decreasing risk.


Global Transactability . AI Data Systems . Smart Supply Contracts . Traceable Data . IoT Sensors . Proof of Production . Blockchain . Carbon Offset Solutions .

The Newest Technologies Applied to the Oldest Industry on Earth

Offtake brings accessibility to securing a decentralized and stable supply chain in an age of uncertainty. We have built this platform as a solution to navigate this significantly changing world.  

  • Government Compliance
  • Production Standard Verification
  • (Optional) Internal Marketplace
  • Global Payments & Contracts
  • Sustainable Globalization
  • Carbon Tracking and Offset
  • Manage Multiple Streams of Supply
  • Work Direct with Buyers & Sellers
  • IoT, Satellite & Lab Data Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools
  • Advanced Financing Solutions

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Offtake System Overview

Smart Supply Contract Marketplace FAQ

What is a Smart Supply Contract Marketplace?

Offtake supply partners list their production capabilities. Our advanced supply contract platform pairs together opportunities that match what our buyers would like to secure sourcing for.

How do Smart Supply Contracts Work?

Our Smart Supply Contract System uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combine the available production variables together with our buyer's demands. We help both parties navigate toward a finalized agreement which cuts down on legal fees, though we always allow for traditional law in our smart contracts at certain points if needed. 

Can Buyers Make a Request for Quotation(RFQ)?

Yes, submit your request to our system and we will link you with the recommended supply partners. 

How Does OFFTAKE Decreases Risk for Buyers & Suppliers?

Our smart contracts and supply chain management systems harvest data as the product moves up through the supply chain. Buyers can have IoT sensors and productions status updates built into the contracts so that they can ensure that they will receive what they are planning on. Tracking & verify product authenticity.

How Does OFFTAKE Reduces Price Inflation?

We unite buyers and suppliers to easily work directly with each other, thus shrinking the number of links in the supply chain. Increasing transparency through our data systems helps suppliers and buyers optimize their sourcing.

How Does OFFTAKE Reduce Exploitation & Slavery?

Knowing the source of where you products come from to the point of payment, collection, processing, what inputs and raw materials were used in the production process makes it easy to prove compliance.  We can easily integrate 3rd Party Auditing into our Data Systems as well.

How Does OFFTAKE Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Our Data Management System is very capable of aggregating the true carbon data of an entire supply chain, not just run projections which are often inaccurate. Our software is also capable of running carbon projections and offering comparative  improvements in the production and shipping process. Our entire system is focused on localization of production.

As a Supplier, How Can I Acquire Supply Contracts?

Simply search through our smart supply contract marketplace for the type of provider that you are looking for. Find production partners that seem suitable to you. Submit an RFQ to them and initiate the relationship.

How Does OFFTAKE Support Small Sourcing Partners?

Our goal is to decentralize the supply chain where possible and support small producers with stabilized sources of revenue and decreased risk.  Offtake agreements often mean that the supplier already has the product sold before they do any production or even purchase materials for production.

Smart Supply Contracts

Supply Chain Solutions for the Future.

Our Solution

From Our Dashboard

  • 1. Forward Sale Marketplace
  • 2. Smart Supply Contracts
  • 3. Advanced Buy & Sell Controls
  • 4. Supply Chain Management
  • 5. Data Backed Compliance
  • 6. Easy Global Payments
  • 7. Funding Solutions

The Offtake Marketplace matches buyers and sellers together for the presale of future products to be manufactured.  

  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Chemicals

Regular Supply Contracts can be difficult to coordinate and even more difficult to find the correct production partner for you to sign a contract.  It can be very expensive from a legal perspective and once a supply contract is signed there is still risk involved as you hope that your product is created on time and arrives to you as desired. 

Smart Supply Contracts are able to account for global legalities, variables of production capabilities, specificities of buyers demands, and be able to have data verify production before it has even shipped. If 3rd party testing, 3rd party verification, production standards, or certifications are required, the data can be loaded into the smart contract to unlock the finalized completed and fulfilled agreement. This data can be tracked from seller to buyer, but also from seller to processor to co-packer to distribution.

The capabilities in the digitization of contracts significantly decreases risk for the supply contract purchaser as compared to traditional supply contracts, which in turn allows for the supplier to be removed from the significant risk of putting up all of the production money in hopes that they will eventually be able to sell their product for a good price before it spoils.

Our system is geared toward optimization in many ways that antiquated supply portals do not yet have. We have many tools that are not yet available to the public in global sourcing. 

  • Localization of Production when possible.
  • Carbon information for production & transportation.
  • Selection of Genetics
  • Selection of Productions Methods
  • Selection of Harvesting & Drying Methods.
  • Projections for Genetics vs Planting Density over the quantity of land.
  • Meets Certain Specifications & Certifications.
  • Maximum / Minimum or certain traits.

Offtake has our own Supply Chain Management (SCM) software integrated into our system.  You can secure a discounted license through us of the same system which we use or we can take the data from your SCM and put it on our blockchain based SCM.

We mint the ownership of each product lot into an NFT which makes the transference of ownership of the assets much easier as the product is transferred from company to company through the supply chain.

Our SCM system has been in development and use in the field around the world for over 7 years specifically focused on end to end blockchain management in commodities.

Offtake is building our data security systems using the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards as well as GDPR and our financial transaction system to meet ISO 20022

Our Data Management System is designed to accommodate data of any type and methods.

  • Small amounts of data uploaded by standard text based cell phones which are often used in developing nations.
  • Any source in the supply chain including from Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software.
  • At our pinnacle Offtake is designed to the integration of advanced IoT sensor technology.
  • Production standards, 3rd party lab tests & government approvals.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of sensor technology which provides data for objects that do not normally have any technological capabilities.

  • RFID
  • QR Codes
  • Cameras potentially with AI readers
  • Scales & Boxes
  • All Points of Logistics
  • Water Sensors
  • Weather Stations
  • Automated Feeding

The Offtake System is being built to be ISO 20022 and  Compliant allows for payment from over 70 Central Bank Currencies from around the world using ACH, Wire Transfer, CC, and Central Bank Digital Currencies as they come online.

Additionally we are planning on integrating with 6 of the top globally compliant cryptocurrencies. 
Our system already has Stellar built into it.

Through the combination of all of our systems there are advanced funding solutions that we can safely integrate through our partner investment bank due to so much of the risk being removed.  We have global transactability and banking solutions already committed to backing our production agreements with trade finance, escrow or supply chain financing.

Additionally, we can distribute and issue money to the producer in pre-agreed upon amounts so that the supplier has the necessary funds to purchase the supplies to be able to meet production.

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